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Keyboard layouts for a Symbolics 3600-ish keyboard made out of an 87-key Tenkeyless Keyboard, as well as others.

These can be manufactured by WASD Keyboards.

Created by Douglas Fields
Copyright 2016 - CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


  • xquartz-87-enh
    • Genera keyboard layout :xquartz-87-enhanced
    • _post-path-conversion.svg is the file for WASD Keyboards
    • .svg is the editable file
    • .png is a picture of the keyboard layout
  • symbolics-x11
    • Hypothetical keyboard closely similar to Symbolics 3600
    • Almost 1-1 correspondence to 3600 keyboard (88 vs 87 keys)
    • A few keys changed for ease of use (e.g., colon and backtick swapped)

.svg files created with Inkscape on macOS under Xquartz.

Keyswitch Type

In testing the various Cherry MX keys offered by WASD alongside the 3600, the linear keys are clearly the most similar. Indeed, the linear key with the higher actuation force seems to be the closest match Cherry MX Black.

I also tested WASDs two "O-Ring Sound Dampeners" (which I would probably have just called "dampers"). The blue ones are slightly larger. They make the key travel lower and do slightly cushion the bottoming out.

Overall, I think undamped MX Black is most similar. I think, for my own purposes, blue-ring damped MX Red would be preferred and still very similar to the original.

(I'm typing this on MX Brown switches which I find to be unpleasantly firm with long travel. I actually prefer short travel keyboards such as those on Apple's aluminum keyboards and laptops but not the new MacBook 12" non-Air non-Pro.)

Keycap Color

The darker key caps on the Symbolics are a close match to the Charcoal (#373534) color offered by WASD. However, there is no close analog to the lighter color on the Symbolics keyboard. The color is somewhere between Beige (#D0CCC0) and Slate (#96938E) from WASD, but also has a browner/tanner cast. Beige is probably the closest of the two, but I feel Slate will make a better looking analogue.

Key Writing Color

I added a new color (a bright orange) for the SYMBOL key and put the symbols onto the keycaps.

The dark key writing color should be the same color as the dark keycaps, as that color is only used on lighter keycaps. The light color is the Beige mentioned above. However, the real Symbolics keyboard has a slightly more yellow/brown cast to the lighter color.

Keycap Type

WASD provides cylindrical-topped keys. The Symbolics 3600 has key tops that are more spherically shaped. The F and J key caps are particularly deep, while (I believe?) WASD puts small bumps on those keys to indicate their home status.

Fonts used

$ grep 'font-family:[^;]*' xquartz-87-enh.svg | sed 's/.*font-family:\([^;]*\).*/\1/g' | sort | uniq
'Andale Mono'
'Bodoni 72'
'Cambria Math'
'Century Gothic'
'Franklin Gothic Book'
'HanziPen TC'
'Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro'
'Hiragino Maru Gothic ProN'
'LiHei Pro'
'Source Code Pro'