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A simple Node wrapper for the for fetching real-time journey's from the TFL API

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npm install tfl-journey-planner --save


tflJourneyPlanner = require('tfl-journey-planner');

// Specify locations in this format
locations = {
  to: {lat: 51.5002452, lng: 0.0035842},
  from: {lat: 51.5131652, lng: -0.0905267}

options = {}; // Specify additional options if you want (see below)

tflJourneyPlanner(locations, options, function(results){
  console.log(results); // Do awesome stuff with the TFL results!


Locations can either be specified like:

locations = {
  to: {lat: 51.5002452, lng: 0.0035842},
  from: {lat: 51.5131652, lng: -0.0905267}

or with their text value

locations = {
  to: 'Aldgate East',
  from: 'London Bridge'

However, using text values will more than likley have many matches, so your response may not be as you'd planned.

or with postal codes/ text addresses

locations = {
  to: 'SE18 7PH',
  from: 'EC3M 3AD'

Specifying additional options

The second param is a JSON object where you can put any of the following (all are optional):

via Travel through (if in coordinate format then must be "longitude,latitude")
nationalSearch [False] Does the journey cover stops outside London? eg. "nationalSearch=true"
date The date must be in yyyyMMdd format
time The time must be in HHmm format
timeIs [Departing] Does the time given relate to arrival or leaving time? Possible options: "departing"
journeyPreference [LeastTime] The journey preference eg possible options: "leastinterchange"
mode The mode must be a comma separated list of modes. eg possible options: "public-bus,overground,train,tube,coach,dlr,cablecar,tram,river,walking,cycle"
accessibilityPreference The accessibility preference must be a comma separated list eg. "noSolidStairs,noEscalators,noElevators,stepFreeToVehicle,stepFreeToPlatform"
fromName From name is the location name associated with a from coordinate
toName To name is the label location associated with a to coordinate
viaName Via name is the location name associated with a via coordinate.
maxTransferMinutes The max walking time in minutes for transfer eg. "120"
maxWalkingMinutes The max walking time in minutes for journeys eg. "120"
walkingSpeed [Average] The walking speed. eg possible options: "slow"
cyclePreference [None] The cycle preference. eg possible options: "allTheWay"
adjustment Time adjustment command. eg possible options: "TripFirst"
bikeProficiency A comma separated list of cycling proficiency levels. eg possible options: "easy,moderate,fast"
alternativeCycle [False] Option to determine whether to return alternative cycling journey
alternativeWalking [True] Option to determine whether to return alternative walking journey
applyHtmlMarkup [False] Flag to determine whether certain text (e.g. walking instructions) should be output with HTML tags or not.
useMultiModalCall [False] A boolean to indicate whether or not to return 3 public transport journeys, a bus journey, a cycle hire journey, a personal cycle journey and a walking journey
walkingOptimization [False] A boolean to indicate whether to optimize journeys using walking

Specify options like this:

options = {
    walkingOptimization: true,
    bikeProficiency: 'easy',
    accessibilityPreference: 'noEscalators'


Written in LiveScript, run npm run build to build, or npm run watch to watch for changes then build

Unit Tests

npm test


Report on GitHub repo issue page


Authentication is not required any longer or tfl requests. If you do need to authenticate then you can sign up for an API key at Create a JSON object similar to the one below

    tfl = {
        appId: 'xxxxxxxx',
        appKey: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'