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Unit Testing in Node.js

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This is a quick example project to show how a test environment can be setup in Node.js

It includes the following

  • Mocha - testing framework
  • Chai - assertion library
  • Istanbul - coverage testing
  • SinonJs - stubs and splices for mocking data

The following online tools are used to monitor results

The Project

The project is a very simple script that pulls current weather data from OpenWeatherMap for your location, it then analyses it and lists which items (umbrella, icecream, jumper...) you will need for the current weather.

To Install

  • Navigate into your working directory, run the following commands:
  • git clone to clone repo
  • cd quick-example-of-testing-in-nodejs to navigate into project
  • npm install to install the dependencies

To run the project

  • npm start will run the main file (app.js) and display results
  • node app --location Newcastle will run app.js for a custom location, e.g. Newcastle
  • npm test will run the Mocha tests, output results and generate reports
  • npm run cover will run the Istanbul coverage tests and output results and generate reports


Command Line Output: Tests Passing

Web Report: Some Tests Failing

Web Report: All Tests Passing


πŸ›‘ An example TDD project in Node.js, with unit tests, coverage tests, a stubbed API, continuous integration, code quality reviews and automated dependency checking




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