A template for a static website with an easily customisable gulp config (CofeeScript, SASS and Jade by default).
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Super Simple Static Site

A template for the structure of a web site, including an easily customisable gulp setup, which by default processes CoffeeScript, SASS and Jade.

File Structure



  1. Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/Lissy93/super-simple-static-site.git and navigate into the directory cd super-simple-static-site

  2. Install Dependencies npm install

  3. Build the app npm run build

4.a. Run the app on an node server, run npm start and visit http://localhost:8080

4.b. OR to just run the app locally open production/index.html in your web browser


Run npm run watch to watch for changes in the working directory and recompile necessary files

If you are using the node server, to save having to restart it on every file change, use nodemon (npm install nodemon -g). Run nodemon server from the root directory. It will restart automatically on file change