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LitJSON v0.7.0 released
Release Notes

Version v0.7.0 of LitJSON has been released.

General changes and improvements:

  • Simplified the building mechanism. Dropped the entire autotools infrastructure, and instead added a single Makefile to compile the project and run the tests with GNU make.

  • Added SkipNonMembers property to JsonReader. When active, it allows to parse JSON data using JsonMapper.ToObject<T> and ignore any properties not available in the type T. Its default value is true.

  • Started moving the documentation into Markdown format.

  • Added a new section to the QuickStart Guide, regarding customisation of the library's behaviour.

Bug fixes:

  • Convert null properties properly in JsonData.ToJson.

  • Read nested arrays in JsonMapper.ToObject and JsonMapper.ToObject<T> correctly.

Contributors for this release:

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