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A REST indexer/search engine .
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Platano Indexer

Platano Indexer is a Free Software text indexer/searcher (MIT License) written in Java using as a base the JBoss Application Server 7.

Platano Indexer is designed to allow multiple storage backends, but at this moment only MongoDB is supported.

A little bit of history

Platano Indexer was an internal project of Bananity (, a recently created social network in Catalonia, Spain.

At this moment, it's main developer is Andreu Correa Casablanca (castarco), who is working as a freelance.

Basic Guide

  1. Install JBoss Application Server on your machine. It's recommended to use the community version (7.1.1 Final).
  2. Install MongoDB on your machine. Platano Indexer was tested on Mongo 2.2 and Mongo 2.4. It's a good idea to use the 10gen repositories if you use Debian or Ubuntu.
  3. Go to src/main/resources/ and edit to configure your Platano Indexer server.
  4. Type the command make local_deploy. This command installs Platano Indexer as an application in your JBoss Application Server.
  5. Type the command make jboss_start. This command starts Jboss and Platano Indexer.
  6. Index something! This can be done through the next command curl -XPOST http://host:port/platano-indexer-0.5/index/?m=insert&c=YourCollectionName&item=TextYouWantToIndex
  7. Search something! This can be done through the next command curl -XPOST http://host:port/platano-indexer-0.5/search/?c=YourCollName&searchTerm=YourSearchString&limit=NumberOfDesiredResults
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