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Chat Cosmetics

My first Gmod Script. Customisable chat modifications for Garry's Mod. Please add a bug here instead on the facepunch post. (should) Work on all gamemodes. Make a bug post here if it does not.

I have just rewritten this a 2 years after release. It really needed one.

Facepunch Post

ULX Forum Post


  • Chat tags
  • Change the brackets/separators
  • Change the color for brackets for each group
  • Group Specific chat colors
  • Player's Name color is their team color/darkrp job.
  • Multiple Gamemode Support
  • Customize DarkRP Advert/OOC Chat color
  • Customize DarkRP Advert/OOC tag
  • Customisable Dead Tags for non-darkrp gamemodes
  • Customisable Team tags for Team Chat on non-darkrp gamemodes
  • Chat tags can be assigned to a steam id or a group.
  • More than one Chat tag can be created for a steamid (finally)
  • Suggest some more <3


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