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Global Warning: a site for the contest 10k Apart

This 2016 10k Apart contest entry is a site that explains global warming and its effects and encourages the user to act to fight it.

3 pages

There are three simple pages:

  1. The homepages summarizes the facts that are happening to our Earth already due to global warming.
  2. The page Causes explains why global warming is happening and what we, humans, do to make it worse.
  3. On the third page you can join as a symbolic action to figh global warming. If you join you should follow the advice given on this page to reduce your exological footprint.

The animation

The site has a simple HTML structure with a decent amount of CSS. (CSS) Animation is designed to work progressively without browser prefixes and fallbacks. The experience is more enjoyable in a modern browser, but the site works fine in older browsers (IE8 or higher).

The site has a small JavaScript enhancement to animate the site title.

Hi, from the server-side

The site works with PHP on the server, mostly for a more DRY development. Also, the little functionality to count people who have joined the fight against global warming works with PHP.


The site was designed and developped by LittleBigThings.


A site about global warming for the contest 10k Apart







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