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Flarum 简体中文语言包 / Simplified Chinese Language Pack

本语言包基于 flarum/lang-englishFlarumCN 2015


This language pack is based on flarum/lang-english,FlarumCN 2015.

Compared with Csineneo's Simplified Chinese language pack, the overall language style is more delicate and natural, which conforms to the thinking habits of most Chinese people.


要求 / Requirement

  • Flarum v0.1.0-beta.8 及以上版本

安装 / Installation

composer require littlegolden/flarum-lang-simplified-chinese

升级 / Update

composer update littlegolden/flarum-lang-simplified-chinese

卸载 / Remove

composer remove littlegolden/flarum-lang-simplified-chinese

清理缓存 / Cache Clear

php flarum cache:clear

本地化 / Localization

  • 调整时间格式

支持的扩展 / Supported Extensions


示例 / Demo

报告问题 / Report Issue

链接 / Links

捐赠 / Donate

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