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Releases: Live-Charts/Live-Charts

096 Labeled axis, improved financial series

25 Apr 05:21
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First of all, sorry for the delay in this release, besides the fact that I needed a break, this time was also useful to analyze some of the current issues of the library, I was able to play with the geared package, and make significant performance improves, I'll soon update the site with the tips I found.

What is next for the library?

  • WPF 1.0 will come soon, I am aware of a couple of significant issues in the library, I'll fix before releasing 1.0
  • UWP will be updated to support all the features WPF does.
  • Documentation will have a considerable review based on the most asked questions I've received along the life of this library.

When will it happen?

I am planning to accelerate the process, this moth I will be working hard in the project, ETA to achieve all previous points, 45 days.

Lets go back to this release:

Braking Changes

  • Sadly in a previous release, Series.PointForeground property was renamed by mistake to Series.PointForeround (notice the missing 'g'), this release fixes this typo error.

New Features

  • This repo now includes the assemblies certificate, this will allow anyone to build a singed copy of LiveCharts by only running file, yes the same certificate that signs the assemblies in Nuget.
  • Labeled Sections, notice it supports 2 modes, in the X axis, the section snaps to the closest point, in the Y axis it just follows the mouse position (Sample here, will be in the site soon):


Fixed issues

  • Prevents a possible threading issue faef669.
  • Fixed an issue where replacing an item in a ChartValues instance was not firing the update automatically 29f9f42.
  • Fixes an issue where scroll bars could get lost when mouse up event was triggered outside the chart ca11434.
  • Fixed an issue where nesting a chart inside a Winforms user control could cause the designer to throw 7afe71b.
  • #499
  • Fixed a visual bug with missing points in a LineSeries d928f17
  • #515 Windows7/WindowsXP zooming issue

Extra Notes

  • Axis.Separator type changed from IAxisSeparator to LiveCharts.WPF.Separator/LiveCharts.UWP.Separator this should improve developers' experience avoiding an unnecessary cast.

095 Not much, fixing some issues

13 Mar 14:48
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No changes


094 Smoother Panning

09 Mar 04:17
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094 Smoother Panning Pre-release

No Major Changes

New Features

  • Now we have a smoother panning, panning refreshes the chart as you move your mouse, not only when the MouseUp event is called (as it used to):

pan hold

  • New Column/Row series property, the SharesPosition property, by default when you have multiple bar series in the library each bar is placed side by side, setting this property to false you can make similar plots to:


  • now we can use this library to generate images that were not in the UI #415, sample here

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where zooming and panning was not working properly when the chart had multiple axes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused WPF designer to throw when a chart had multiple axes.
  • Removed a memory leak when using data templates in the library (when removing an item) #457
  • Fixed poosible NRE when using HeatMaps #477
  • Fixed an issue with color interpolation in GeoHeatMap control #472
  • Fixed an issue where Scatter and Financial series were not scaling properly #483
  • A better Axis object, improves labeling for some cases #449

0935 small patch for 093 version

16 Feb 04:36
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An annoying visual issue introduced in 0.9.3, here is the patch


New features

  • New Separator.ActualStep property, it is a read only property, here you can find the current axis separator step even when you didn't set it.

093 We are thread-safe now!

13 Feb 00:12
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The library was not working properly when updates came multiple threads, now it handles it as it always should...

No changes in this release, I keep working to release 1.0 in WPF.

The geared package version 1.2.2 will be released in the next couple of hours, 0.9.3 also was updated to connect properly with the geared package...

New features

  • Now we can use the Axis.ActualMinValue and Axis.ActualMaxValue properties to read the limits of an axis, even if we didn't set them similar to the way we work with ActualWidth/ActualHeight properties from WPF framework...
  • Axis.BarUnit property is obsolete, instead please use Axis.Unit property, this property is now more important and fixed a couple of special cases... I'll add an article in the site about it

Fixed issues


092 Pie charts needed some love...

06 Feb 07:29
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Trying to solve all the open issues to release v1.0...

##if you are using the geared values package, please don't update to this version yet, soon the next version for the geared package will be released, and it will connect properly with livecharts 0.9.2

No Changes

well, tooltips are cleaner now, there was a case ( #229 ) where you needed to wrap your tooltip in a container to make it work properly, this is no longer necessary, tooltips should display correctly always now.

New Features

  • Now DataLabels can be more than only strings, you can pass your own DataTemplate and render anything you need there, see #414
  • Now we can customize the position of the labels in a pie chart, see #296
  • PieSeries has better animations and labels positioning.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where adding a new axis could throw an exception
  • #384
  • #454

091 Performance safe zooming

04 Feb 01:07
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No changes in this version, the library feels now really solid and stable in my opinion, I have been fixing the most annoying issues in the library the couple of last releases, things are close to release v 1.0, next things to fix before releasing 1.0 are pie charts and maps.

New Features

  • Now we can disable zooming and enable panning or vise versa
  • ChartValues now implements INotifyCollectionChanged and INotifyPropertyChanged, which means this class now updates the UI and not only the chart as it used to for more info see #284

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where animated zooming was not queuing the request in the updater, this caused the chart to redraw every time we scrolled the mouse wheel, now animated zoom behaves much better.
  • #444
  • #284 (partially, I reopened)
  • #448
  • #431
  • #443

090 Logarithmic Axes, Events as commands, and fixed reported issues

17 Jan 01:36
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This release has no significant code changes, this means that the is a low probability to introduce new bugs (please don't), it fixes many old issues that required a detailed review.

Breaking Changes

  • Chart.UpdaterTick delegate changed from void UpdaterTickHandler() to void UpdaterTickHandler(object sender) where sender is the chart that fired the event.

New Features

  • Default tooltip for CartesianChart had a considerable visual improvement, it is also much more flexible, the article about tooltips in the site will be updated showing the new features
  • Finally one of the ugliest issues (in my opinion) was fixed, series were not able to let the chart know its points size, this caused points to be not completely rendered, see #341
  • You can now bind any event in the library, there will be a new article in the web site about events, listing them all and showing a brief example.
  • New Logarithmic Axis, now you can add logarithmic axes with any base to a cartesian chart.
  • Gauges are much more flexible. the site will show a new article with the new gauge capabilities.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where HeatAlgorithm color interpolation method was not working correctly if the weight min value was not zero.
  • Fixed an issue where angular gauge was trying to draw multiple separators depending on the gauge range, the gauge range.
  • #341, #352, #338, #330, #42, #20

081 Maintenance release

22 Dec 21:39
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This release fixes many reported issues, thanks everyone for reporting.

New Features

  • now you can rotate labels in Column, Row, StackedColumn and StackedRow series #410
  • new DataHover event #416


  • line series was not drawn properly when Visibility == Hidden #403
  • Fixed many visual issues with LineSeries and double.Nan introduced in 0.8
  • Changing windows theme throws an exception #372
  • Gauge throw when from and to == 0 #420
  • Throw when playing with animations and data labels #321
  • Row series with negative values were not displayed properly #401
  • Issue where we were not able to specify the axis range when using any stacked series #405
  • Casting error in OHCL series #411
  • Binding Separators not updating properly when changed #412

080 Welcome UWP :tada:

20 Nov 02:50
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0.8.0 is a really important release, it demonstrates that the structure of the library is solid enough to take it to more platforms, and here it is the first step welcome UWP! 🎉, you are next Xamarin! special thanks to @AuroraDysis who made most of the work taking LiveCharts to UWP.

This version has small, but braking changes, coming from 0.7.x should not require any change in most of the cases:

New Features

  • Welcome UWP the library is finally in UWP, with some known issues that you can find in the Issues section, the package is already in Nuget: PM> Install-Package LiveCharts.Uwp
  • welcome back net 4.0 wrongly I removed support to net 40 in previous versions, well now it is back, the Nuget package contains both builds net4.0 and PCL profile 328 (current one).
  • For some reason all the nuget packages missed .pdb, and xml docs files, they are now included since 0.8, this in makes the library more friendly to users, by enabling IDE intellisense and a better debugging experience.
  • LiveCharts.Geared v1.2 will be released soon, which extends the high performance to all the series in the library (but heat series).
  • new Gantt chart see an example there ->
  • Wpf themes are included now in the library, they are light and an easy way to get started styling your charts :

Major Changes (don't be scared to update, normally they won't affect your current work)

  • Type of Axis.MinValue and Axis.MaxValue changed from double? to double to fix incompatibility with UWP, in older version o clear zooming you used to axis.MinValue = null, the equivalent in 0.8 is axis.MinValue = double.Nan, the example in the web site is already updated to 0.8 API
  • Section.FromValue and Section.ToValue are obsolete and will be replaced in future versions with Section.Value and Section.SectionWidth to fix a bug with draggable sections, FromValue/ToValue works, but there is no warranty that it will be supported in future versions, if you are using a draggable section please use the new properties instead, the site already contains examples using the new syntax.

Fixed issues