[IMPORTANT NOTICE] "This repository will no longer be in the mainstream of our development. Instead, we developed "Cubism Web Samples". This framework has improved functionality and better usability which let users treat the framework in the same way as Cubism 2.1 SDK. We now highly recommend using "Cubism Web Samples".
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Cubism SDK For JavaScript Components

Welcome to the open components of the Cubism SDK for JavaScript. The the open components are work-in-progress. They're not yet feature-complete and their API isn't fixed yet. While the SDK is meant for JavaScript, it's written in TypeScript.

If you're interested in why we're releasing the SDK as early access, read on.

If you came here looking for the official Live2D homepage, go Live2D official.

If you came here looking for the sample applications of this sdk, go JS example.

Why Early Access?

With the Cubism 3 SDKs we strive to provide the SDKs you need. We shared the Unity SDK from the prototype stage with multiple developers and made sure to reflect their feedback.

For the JavaScript SDK we take things one step further by opening the evaluation phase up for everyone, so it would be great if you could give the SDK a try and provide any feedback through this GitHub project.



This module contains functionality for playing back and blending animations as well as convenience functions for the Cubism Core. It's located in ./src/live2dcubismframework.ts.


This module contains functionality for loading and rendering Cubism models with the phantastic Pixi library. It's located in ./src/live2dcubismpixi.ts.

Getting Started

No manual is available yet. The best places to start are the example(./example/src/**/*.*) and the completely documented module source files.

To use the modules, you need to link against the Cubism Core library. We're currently evaluating to distribute Core and modules through npm once they're out of early-access, but in the meantime, either link against the non-permanent official library online or build the library yourself.


There are many ways to contribute to the project: logging bugs, submitting pull requests on this GitHub, and reporting issues and making suggestions at Live2D Community.

While any form of contributing is greatly appreciated, suggestions regarding design and API are especially important to us.

Discussion Etiquette

Please limit the discussion to English and keep it professional and things on topic.


  • Add examples?


The license applying to the source code in this project allows you modify all sources without the need to submit any changes you made. Whenever releasing a product using source code from this project, you just have to make sure that you link your product with the Cubism Core. Refer to this license for the gritty details.

The assets(character model, image file, sound file, etc...) in this project are licensed individually. Whenever releasing a product using the assets from this project, you just have to make sure that you have met the qualification of license. Refer to this license and this guideline and detail of guideline for the gritty details.