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lcsam (LiveConfig SpamAssassin Milter) is a milter (Sendmail filter) service to check incoming e-mails with SpamAssassin and optionally tag or reject them.

Why another SpamAssassin Milter?

We've searched a while for a tool to filter incoming mails through SpamAssassin which meets the following conditions:

  • works with Postfix
  • allows per-user thresholds and actions
  • works without a MySQL database
  • allows rejection at SMTP time (to avoid backscatter)
  • no script language please (no additional runtime requirements)

There are numerous tools available - however, none of these matched our requirements. Either they are written in Perl, they store their user configuration in MySQL, or they don't even allow per-user thresholds.

What's cool about lcsam?

lcsam is based on the program flow and some ideas of Daniel Hartmeiers excellent milter-spamd, but is completely rewritten from scratch. We've focussed on security and reliability since the very first line of code. We do

  • static code analysis with PC-lint (the propably most sophisticated tool ever!) and clang
  • runtime analysis with Valgrind (amongst others)
  • unit tests with Check
  • publish the source as lcsam is also available under an open-source license (GPLv2)


Copyright (c) 2014 Keppler IT GmbH. All rights reserved.

See LICENSE file for detailed license informations.


LiveConfig SpamAssassin Milter




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