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Environments for Livefyre Publisher

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Your Integration Server

Typically Livefyre will identify to your developer(s) which integration environment to use when you begin development, QA, or any other kind of testing. Once assigned to a particular dev/QA integration server environment, you can use the network name, site ID(s) specified by Livefyre with that environment. Upon deployment to production, you will need to change the following parameters that were used during dev/QA:

  • JavaScript Source URL
  • Livefyre network name
  • Livefyre network Secret Key
  • Livefyre site ID (0..N)
  • Livefyre site Secret Key (0..N)

It is a good idea to put all of these parameters into a configuration file or database that is used to dynamically set the values for different environments.

Javascript Source URLs

During development and/or QA, you should always use the following domain to source JavaScript files: zor.{network}

Upon deployment to production, all JavaScript should be sourced from:

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