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Post Tweet API

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This API adds a single tweet to a StreamHub Collection that has access to StreamHub: Curate.


GET http://quill.{network}/api/v3.0/collection/{collectionId}/post/tweet

  • {network} - Your StreamHub Network name, e.g. ''
  • {collectionId} - The ID of the Collection you want info about, e.g. '10633838'. The Collection must be a part of a Network or Site with StreamHub: Curate enabled.


The request body should contain the following parameters encoded as application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Parameter Type Description
lftoken String A Livefyre Authentication Token for the user adding a tweet to the Collection
tweet_id Integer The twitter-allocated Tweet ID of a Tweet to add to the Collection. For example, the `tweet_id` for this tweet is `305857291998081025`.


curl "" -d "lftoken=mylftoken" -d "tweet_id=305857291998081025"


  "status": "ok",
  "code": 200,
  "data": {
    "messages": [
        "content": {
          "replaces": "",
          "bodyHtml": "Anymore - Finally",
          "annotations": {

          "authorId": "",
          "parentId": "",
          "updatedAt": 1361999678,
          "mentions": [

          "shareLink": "http:\/\/admin.fyre\/.fyreit\/f9yjMI.4",
          "id": "",
          "createdAt": 1361999678
        "vis": 1,
        "source": 0,
        "replies": [

        "type": 0,
        "event": null
    "authors": {
      "": {
        "displayName": "Horse ebooks",
        "tags": [

        "profileUrl": "http:\/\/\/#!\/Horse_ebooks",
        "avatar": "http:\/\/\/profile_images\/1096005346\/1_normal.jpg",
        "type": 3,
        "id": ""
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