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A place to collect issues/suggestions/to-do items for the city of Liverpool
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Somebody Should

A place to collect issues/suggestions/to-do items for the city of Liverpool, in North-West England.

There isn't any source code for the city, we're just using this to track issues.

If the project you're reporting the issue under has got source code, then raise the issue there instead.

Anyone can create new issues. Similarly, anyone is allowed to do the work to fix them :-)

If you feel like you have the ability and time to take lead on any issue, just let us know. Better still, if the issue doesn't have anyone assigned, assign it to yourself and get on with it :-)

Use labels to mark the issues with any suitable tags, so that it's easy for someone to find all the outstanding bugs, or all the things related to an area, or similar. Create new labels if there's a class of issue that we're missing.

If you're not sure what all this is on about, the best way to start is to go look at the issues other people have raised. (the link is over on the right-hand-side, but isn't all that obvious if you haven't used Github before...)

For some more background on good practice when using issues, read It's about Github's culture and process rather than ours, but until someone gets round to writing ours...

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