Ranked Choice Instant Runoff library written in Rust
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RCIR is a ranked choice instant runoff library written in rust. It's a work in progress. The library is in the rcir directory, and a sample binary is in the rcir_csv directory.

In the result of a tie for last place and no winner, all the last place candidates are removed, so it is not a 'Spoiler Proof' method Spoiler Effect + Resistance to tactical voting

RCIR will not mutate the input and aims to have as few restrictions on data types as possible


Voter A Voter B Voter C Voter D Voter E
Bob Sue Bill Bob Sue
Bill Bob Sue Bill Bob
Sue Bill Bob Sue Bill

This would result in an ElectionResult::Winner(&"sue")

Tie Example

Voter A Voter B
Bob Sue

This would result in an ElectionResult::Tie([&"Bob", &"Sue"])