Guardian - keeping all science honest and truthful
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Guardian - the LKN protocol

Guardians play the same role as miners do in bitcoin, ethereum etc but for science. In the LKN they co-ordination a consensus mechanism that keep all science honest and truthful.

This will be a new peer to peer consensus mechanism that will be researched and tested before going live. Initial community thinking envisions a modular software stack secured by a knowledge scripting language.

Command line shell

A node.js command-line has been implemented:


  1. clone this repository
  2. sudo npm Install
  3. node index.js start

COMMANDS(no functionality added yet) lkn -- connect to network consensus -- create new consensus science cycle exit -- close the commandline

Introduction Slides and documentation

Knowledge Scripting Language

A new scripting language allowing modules to securely interact with protocol.

Peer to Peer Network

Existing peer to peer network libraries bing tested

Computational Reference Layers

All science must be in a computational form entering the LKN. This raises the capability from data model thinking to a data types that can be used by other software intantly across the network.

Consensus Science Cycles

A range of new consensus mechanisms will be brought forward that are agreed by the community to adjudicate on the truthfulness and confidence in claims made by the science in the network. This will be the most challenging part of the LKN project.

Issuing & Securing Knowledge Tokens

A new knowledge currency to value science. This will contain an immutable proof of evidence ledger.