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Collaborative Pygame called Dangerous Diving
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Dangerous Diving is a 2D side-scrolling desktop game created with Python and Pygame. It was inspired by all the Mario games when Princess Peach is taken by Bowser. Instead, in Dangerous Diving, the Player plays a character who is going after her love who was abducted by pirates. The rules are fairly straightforward:

  • Collision detection on the fish, coins, and other various sea creatures (including a fast moving shark and a slow jellyfish which moves up and down across the screen)
  • On hitting a fish, the player’s health will decrease and a chomping sound will play
  • On collecting a coin, the player’s score will increase
  • The game ends when the time runs out or the player’s health runs out
  • If the time runs out and the player has health, the player wins with whatever amount of points on the score board
  • There is a final display screen which differs depending on if the player won or lost
  • The player movement is restricted to up and down on the keys


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