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SpoilerCat is a Chrome browser extension that blacks out text content containing keywords THAT MIGHT RUIN YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOWS. Spoiling is an internet-enabled pandemic of horror. DO NOT LET SPOILING HAPPEN TO YOU! SpoilerCat gets to spoilers first.

Seriously, what is this?

SpoilerCat is a student coding project for General Assembly's April 2014 Web Development Immersive class. It's my first Chrome extension.


This app uses the jQuery ( javascript library.

The deranged SpoilerCat icon is courtesy of's Yoo Halloween set.

General Assembly teaches the AGILE software development system. You can see my prohect planning board, including useful research links and notes on using the Google Chrome storage and tab APIs, here:

How to Run SpoilerCat locally

SpoilerCat 0.1 is NOW AVAILABLE in the Chrome App store, here:

If you'd rather install it from github, download the zip file from this repo. In the upper right corner of your Chrome browser, click the three orange bars and scroll down to "Tools." In the "Tools" menu, choose "Extensions." On the "Extensions" page, click the "Developer mode" checkbox on the upper right. Then choose "Load unpacked extension," and load the unzipped SpoilerCat file. Make sure SpoilerCat is enabled, and choose your show preferences!

Unchecking a prefence will disable the blocker for that show/ team. Unchecking all boxes disables SpoilerCat without uninstalling it.

In addition to normal browsing, SpoilerCat works with:




This app is module based. It only supports shows with hardcoded keywords. So far shows supported are:

Breaking Bad

Dancing With the Stars

Dr. Who

Game of Thrones

Mad Men


The Good Wife

True Blood

It's also got sports teams

NY Yankees

Boston Redsox

But I confess I haven't tested these keywords extensively. They may block the weather in Boston.

As I said, this is my first Chrome extension. It's also finicky with finding content, so fi you come across areas or keywords it constantly misses, please let me know!

Future plans for SpoilerCat include expanding the keyword libraries, and also refactoring the keyword filter to run for speed (SpoilerCat has no database, and runs off of Chrome's own storage, which is neat but which I think also slows load speed for the current version.) Also, I'm going to add a pause/ disable button so you don't need to uncheck all your preferences to turn it off.

Hope you enjoy!


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