Beancounter - a Java IRC bot to function as a game bot serving various games over IRC. Developed for use for the LizardIRC network. Please do not push directly to this repo - it is a publish-only mirror of a repository at LizardNet Code Review.
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Beancounter is a Java 8 IRC bot being developed for the LizardIRC network, both as a general-purpose bot and to serve games over IRC. Though it is developed by and for the LizardIRC network, it should work on any network, and as such we have decided to develop it as an open source project.

General documentation

General documentation, including the bot's commands, can be found on LizardIRC's website here.

Building Beancounter

To build Beancounter from source, you'll need the Java SE 8 JDK and Apache Maven (version 3.0.0 or later recommended). You can also use a Maven-compatible IDE, such as IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse, instead of Maven.

Simply clone the repository, run mvn package, and run the resulting jarfile! The bot will automatically create a default configuration file for you then terminate, so you have a chance to set things up; then just run the bot again!

For more information about running the bot itself, please visit LizardIRC's Beancounter documentation.


As an open source project, you are welcome to contribute to Beancounter's development!

Bug reports/feature requests/other issues

If you would like to file a bug report, request a feature, or report some other issue, please use the Issues section of our GitHub repository.


If you would like to contribute code, there are a couple different ways you could go about doing this.

  • If you are familiar with Gerrit Code Review, you can use LizardNet Code Review to clone the code, and submit patches directly to us that way. Note though that you'll need a LizardWiki account to log in to LizardNet Code Review; this page has more information on that (if you don't have a LizardWiki account, you can easily request one be created for you).
  • Alternatively, just clone the GitHub repository and submit a pull request. Note, though, that the GitHub repository is just a read-only mirror of the LizardNet Code Review repository, so all pull requests will be copied to Gerrit by a Beancounter developer for you before merging into the mainline.


LizardIRC/Beancounter is licensed under the GNU GPL v3+. For more information, please see the LICENSE.txt file. For authors information, please see the AUTHORS.txt file.