A Craftbukkit plugin that allows players to drop chest tile entities containing their inventories when they die in Minecraft, instead of just spilling the contents of their inventory out as items. DO NOT PUSH DIRECTLY TO THIS REPO. It is a publish-only mirror of the repo indicated as the website - Pull Requests will be moved to Gerrit
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Warning: This plugin is still in development. Use at your own risk. It is considered highly unstable, and is not yet ready for distribution.

A plugin for CraftBukkit-based Minecraft servers.

Background (DeadMansChest)

DeadMansChest is a CraftBukkit plugin that causes players, when they die, to drop a chest or double chest tile entity containing their inventory, instead of just spewing their inventory out as items.

In addition, DeadMansChest supports integration with LWC for chest locking, and supports features such as requiring players to actually carry chests in their inventory to be able to spawn chests when they die.

See BukkitDev for more information about DeadMansChest and its capabilities.

Unfortunately, the developer of DeadMansChest has stopped developing his plugin, so LizardNet is starting development of this plugin, DeadMansChest2, to update it and make a great plugin usable again on modern CraftBukkit servers.

The Plan for DeadMansChest2

The plan for DeadMansChest2 is to, at least initially, be as true to the original DeadMansChest as possible. For now, we plan on fixing bugs like odd sign placement, chests being able to be destroyed by explosions, and the glowstone beacons sometimes being minable. We will have our first release of DeadMansChest2 once we have fixed at least a majority of these bugs. For now, though, DeadMansChest2 is mostly just a copy of DeadMansChest that we are currently doing work on. When DeadMansChest2 is ready, this readme document will be updated.

How To Help

DeadMansChest2 is open source, and you are welcome to help! The GitHub repository, which you are probably reading this at, is actually a mirror of the main repository at LizardNet Code Review, which can be found here. Anyone may commit code to this repository by creating an account at LizardNet Code Review. Instructions on actually using LizardNet Code Review will be placed here sometime in the near future, but if you are already familiar with Gerrit-based repositories, go ahead and have at it! The Gerrit repository information can be found here.

Note that you can submit pull requests and issue reports to GitHub (just in case you aren't reading this on GitHub, here's a link), but pull requests will be converted to LizardNet Code Review patchsets before they are acted upon by the developers. Bug reports should be reported as issues on the GitHub repository.

Getting the Plugin and Builds

If you want to run DeadMansChest2, don't bother - we don't have anything interesting for you yet. If you are a Java programmer, you are welcome to help us with the project, though (see above section)! Builds of the project can be acquired at our Jenkins Continuous Integration server, specifically at this project. If you want to download a build, you can get them at the Jenkins download page, where builds are marked as follows:

  • Development (red star): Build reviewed by developers and confirmed to at least run, but may be extremely buggy and break in other ways. Not recommended for use in production environments
  • Beta (orange star): Build tested to some degree, most obvious bugs already handled but some may be left.
  • Stable/recommended (green star): Build thoroughly tested by devs, recommended for use on production servers.

Downloading a build not marked as one of these is not recommended, as these may very well simply refuse to work and have not been tested at all!

There is also a Jenkins job that handles mirroring of the Git repository from LizardNet Code Review to GitHub, and that can be found here.

Licensing and Ackowledgements


by Andrew "FastLizard4" Adams, TLUL, and the LizardNet CraftBukkit Plugins Development Team (see AUTHORS.txt file)


Copyright (C) 2014 by Andrew "FastLizard4" Adams, TLUL, and the LizardNet CraftBukkit Plugins Development Team. Some rights reserved.

License GPLv3+: GNU General Public License version 3 or later (at your choice): http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it at your will provided that your redistribution, with or without modifications, is also licensed under the GNU GPL. (Although not required by the license, we also ask that you attribute us!) There is NO WARRANTY FOR THIS SOFTWARE to the extent permitted by law.