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HospitAlert is a responsive full-stack app that allows users to keep their family up-to-date when a loved one is hospitalized.

Getting started


>   git clone
>   cd hospitalert-client
>   change DATABASE_URL to in config.js
>   npm install


>   npm start

Then open localhost:3000 in a browser.


The main focus of HospitAlert is to keep family up-to-date when a loved one is hospitalized if they are unable to make it to the hospital themselves.

How it Works

Add an event (hospitalization)

Add an event when a loved one is hospitalized. Basic information can be added like the patient's name, their condition (reason for being in the hospital), whether or not they're conscious, and the latest update from the doctor.

Add Friends

Add friends you know and trust. They will be able to see updates you've made to your hospitalizations


Front End

Back End

The database and API for this app can be found here.

Continuous Integration

  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • Travis CI


  • The app is fully responsive and quickly adapts to all mobile, tablet, and desktop viewports.

Upcoming Improvements

Since launching the V1 Demo, the following changes have been made:

  • User accounts
  • The ability to login through Facebook
  • SQL instead of MongoDB
  • React

Soon, users who are unable or unwilling to create an account with Facebook will be able to create an account with their email address.

This is an open-source project. Contributions are welcome and encouraged. :)