Frontend app featuring Foursquare, Cat GIF, and Ron Swanson Quote APIs. Built with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
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Kitty Opinions - Thinkful Capstone Project
Rachel, here you go:


Search for any location using the Foursquare API and get the top 6 results in the form of buttons.
When you click on a button, a lightbox opens with more info on that location as well as a tip/review.
The tip/review contains the location's Foursquare rating, a Cat GIF and a Ron Swanson quote.
If you can't decide on a location to search, there are 3 preloaded "popular locations" you can choose.

Languages - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Librairies - jQuery, BootStrap, Fancybox
APIs - Foursquare, The Cat API, Ron Swanson Quotes