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Constraint Type provider is a Type provider that provides constraints over F# Types.
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This project has been inspired from Dependent Type Provider

It provides compile-time constraints over basic F# types.

The goal would be to allow coders to create types according to specific rules and having value constraint over these rules at compile-time.

Rule system

The rule system is the following: We consider that each type could be shrinked down to a subset according to a specific rule. The rule would be written as a string representation of a function and would return the function itself. The type of the rule even though it is a string should, when evaluated by the fsi Session, be :

    'a -> bool

either the value given follows the rule (true) or not (false).

For instance, if one wants to define a type with all the integers multiple of 3, he would write :

    let [<Literal>] multiplesOf3Rule = "let f inputValue = inputValue % 3 = 0 \nf"

and would be called as a static parameter of ConstraintTP :

    type DivisibleBy3 = Constraint.Numbers.ConstraintInt32<Rule = multiplesOf3Rule>

What is supported so far

System of rule :

A system of rule that is quite generic and type safe through the pre-évaluation with the fsi session running behind the scene.

Basic F# types :

  • sbyte
  • byte
  • uint16
  • int16
  • uint32
  • int32
  • uint64
  • int64
  • float32
  • float

As a non-basic F# types :

  • Arrays

     type: 'a []

I could do any non-basic F# types like lists... However I think that there are some aspect I should work on before going further.


  • String with compile-time Regex verification as follow Type Foo = DependentType.String.Regex<".+@.+">

If one has some ideas regarding how we could take this TP to any direction please tell me, I would really appreciate.

Build process

run the following command :



Some basic samples could be found in Examples.fsx. You could also look at the slides I have prepared.

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