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About Me (Mr Debts)

Add me to your group of friends in Telegram to track your debts! 💰

How To Use

First of all you need to register your group with me, you can do it in 3 different ways:

  • Add me to your friends group
  • Create a group with me on the same process
  • Say /register to me in an existing group

Then I'll ask you about the language you want to use. I can work with English (en), Catalan (ca) and Spanish (es) for now.

Next step is to know the currency you want to work on the group. Currently supported are Dollar ($), Euro (€) and GBP (£)

After this process is completed, you can start to debt money to your friends and I'll remember all for you. You can tell me like:

  • @marcel owes me 200
  • @christoph paid me 25
  • I paid 300 to @marcel (same as @marcel owes me 300)
  • I owe 10 to @christoph (same as @christoph paid me 10)

You can do it by commands if you feel comfortable:

  • /debt 10 @christoph (same as I owe 10 to @christoph)
  • /paid 200 @marcel (same as @marcel owes me 200)

You can see your current balance at every moment using /balance or sending the money emoji 💰 or 💵

  • Help command is still Work In Progress 🙏

About The Project

I've built this chatbot with Laravel and BotMan.

You can find the Laravel documentation at

You can find the BotMan and BotMan Studio documentation at

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within Mr Debts, please send an e-mail to David Llop at All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


Mr Debts is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


Track your debts with your group of friends interacting with this bot on telegram






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