Engineering data and sample code for the CyberData Corporation Raspberry Pi - PSoC Development board
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The RPi-DEV board is designed to be a flexible development and prototyping platform for both the Raspberry Pi and PSoC ecosystems. The board has the functionality needed for real time embedded projects. The heart of the board is a Cypress PSoC processor allowing user programmable analog and digital circuitry based on the target project. The board has 8 high current drivers which form a configurable motor controller, RS-232/485 driver, 3 Diligent PMOD connectors, and 18 additional I/O.

Root Directory Map:

BotMonitor : Sample code for the Raspberry Pi GUI demo application BotPsoc : Sample code for the PSoC5LP demo application Common : Sample code which is common to multiple applications doc : Documentation for the project pcb : Schematics and PCB files for the project LICENSE : License file for the sample code : This file