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Potard is a jQuery plugin that display a number (span/input) in a knub (circular input)
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Live demo

Potard is a jQuery plugin that allow you to add a "knob", a circular input, to your website. Live demo available here !

To use potard you simply need to include the js and css file. Note that if you want to be efficient, you should copy/paste js and css code into your generic js and css files.

You can use potard on an input or any other html tag that may contain a number.

Note : this plugin uses canvas so you need IE9+ (or any other real web browser) to make it work.


<input type="text" class="potard" data-min="0" data-max="100" value="30">
<script type="text/javascript">
	jQuery(function($) {

You can also give potard many parameters, with an array when you apply potard to your html elements if these parameters are generic to all knobs, or by using "data-" attribute in html tag, replacing "" by the parameter name.

Here, we give some default parameters for each of our knobs (shadow, radius and thickness) :

jQuery(function($) {
	$('.potard').potard({shadow:false, radius:75, thickness:8});


min : Minimal value of the knob. By default it's 0, but you can use this param to have a value in a custom range.

max : Maximal value of the knob. By default it's 100.

color : The color of knob's gauge. By default a light green.

radius : Circle radius. If bigger than width or height, it will be "cut".

lock : Prevent user from modifying the knob value

mousecursor : Changes the mouse cursor while hovering the knob. You can use CSS cursor property values (pointer, help, none, ...).

offset : An offset angle, the angle where you want the gauge to start (clockwise, in degrees). Zero is the " 12' " angle, 90 is the " 3' " angle.

thickness : Width/Thikness of the circle.

lineColor : The background/blank circle color.

shadow : A boolean, wether or not you want a shadow under the gauge.

shadowColor : The shadow color. By default a tranparent black.

shadowOffsetX : The horizontal shadow offset. You cannot alter this parameter width data-shadowOffsetX (does nothing).

shadowOffsetY : The vertical shadow offset. You cannot alter this parameter width data-shadowOffsetY (does nothing).

shadowBlur : The shadow blur/diffusion. You cannot alter this parameter width data-shadowBlur (does nothing).