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This repository contains the current version of the LoRaTracker Receiver1 programs.

See the Programs folder for the details of the programs and how to configure them.

The ‘basic’ receiver programs are a cut down versions of the Receiver2 program (designed for ATMEGA1284P) that will run on simple ATMEGA328P hardware such as the very low cost Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V.

The terminal receiver program provides the remote control interface to the HAB tracker that allows it to be controlled and configured whilst it is in flight.

The portable receiver program displays the tracker location on a display and if a local GPS is fitted then the receiver will show the distance and direction to the tracker. The receiver can switch between normal tracker mode, and long distance search mode by pressing the receivers switch. The program will run on most of the ATMEGA328P based LoRaTracker boards, including the trackers themselves, see examples in the pictures folder. Currently supported displays are the SD1306 OLED and 20x4 LCD (3.3Version). Future display options will be the ILI9341 TFT and Nokia 5110.

The third version of the basic receiver software is for use with boards that have an SD card connected, the receiver then acts as a logger, recording all received packets to a file on the SD card.

Most of the LoRa Tracker boards can be used as a receiver, see the document;

'LoRaTracker Receivers.doc'

There are build instruction here for the LCD and Mikrobus based receiver.

The receiver programs need the LoRaTracker Library installed see here;

Stuart Robinson December 2017