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Complete CoAP Implementation in C. Despite designed for embedded systems (e.g. ARM Cortex-M0/M3, AVR, ESP8266) it can be used on nearly every system that has c-lang support.

  • Royalty-free CoAP stack
  • complete request/response logic
  • unified Client & Server
  • easy to use
  • small memory footprint
  • using C99 stdlib, suitable for embedded projects
  • detached packet receive/send logic
  • Arduino support (experimental)

There is also a working OpenSource client lib available in GoLang @

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Getting started

Read the Porting Guide for information on how to port the library to your framework.


ESP8266, cheap WIFI Soc:


  • GoLang CoAP Client implementation & CGO wrapper for this C lib: Lobaro CoAP-go

Future development

We use the stack internally at lobaro to build universal gateway / sensor systems for our customers. Additions will be constantly merged into this repository.


We appreciate any feedback, do not hesitate to create issues or pull requests.