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LocalCoin Community Events

BitFest Amsterdam 2018

(Saturday 22nd September 2018)

Peter Conrad:LocalCoin Core & Network Performance (rel: Performance Test Demonstration )
Alfredo Garcia:The Business of LocalCoin Plugins
John M. Jones:Trustless Asset Swaps: LocalCoin and HTLC
Michel Santos:Life and Times of a LocalCoin Operation

2018 Global Graphene DevCon

2018 Global Graphene Blockchain Developer Conference in Shanghai (May 2018)

Ryan R. Fox:Sustainable Development - Worker Proposals Funded by the Reserve Pool
Alfredo Garcia:Graphene Smart Contracts - Steps involved in the development of new smart contracts in the Graphene based blockchains.

** We've so far gathered the above presentation materials for the LocalCoin community members who could not attend and listen to the presentations.

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