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The admin dashboard for LocalData

Displays data from the LocalData Survey API

The app is static HTML + javascript. It does assume that it's being served by the same host as the LocalData API. To run locally, clone this repo into a directory hosted by a web server (such as Apache). Set the REMOTE_ADMIN_PREFIX environment variable of the API app to http://localhost/~prashant/dev/dashboard/src.

Things get kicked off from src/js/main.js.

Installation & development

We use Grunt to compile SASS styles and prepare the app for deployment. Install Grunt and company:

npm install

Watch the directory for style changes:

grunt watch

OR just grunt for short.

The output is in staging/ and has a css/app.css instead of the various .scss files.

Building & deploying

Run grunt build to build the minified, deployable package. You can configure locations in a dev-settings.json file, after which grunt deploy or grunt deploy:mylocation will sync the built package to an S3 location. Deployment requires s3cmd.

Sample dev-settings.json:

  "deploy" : {
    "default" : "s3://mybucket/web/my-dashboard-dev/",
    "dev" : "s3://mybucket/web/my-dashboard-dev/",
    "production" : "s3://mybucket/production-web/dashboard"


Some coding standards:

  • Follow Douglas Crockford's conventions
  • Err on the side of long, descriptive variable names
    • Name the target of the function -- for example, renderForm rather than render.
    • referencesToAnswersForQuestion rather than answerRefs
    • function (event) rather than function (e)

More specific Backbone standards:

  • Every view should accept an options object.
  • Every view's initialize function should honor options.el, a string of the selector for the container the to use. ($el is a reference to the Jquery object)
  • A view may provide its own, default el.
  • Views should pass on models to their children. For example, a settings view should recieve the current survey object instead of calling the API it.