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The Local Food Mobile App
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Local Food Mobile App Introduction

The Local Food Mobile App

The Local Food Mobile App project or simply the "App" project will develop a mobile and desktop accessible application that is free for end-users to install and use on smart phones or access via other web capable devices including PCs and tablets. The App will allow local food producers, retailers, and other organizations (these are not the end users) to share information about their products and services and advertise goods and food-related resources to residents of and visitors to the region (these are the end users). The App will enable people to easily learn who produces various types of local and regional food and where and how to purchase or acquire it. Additionally, the App will notify end-users of special offers and helpful information and collect important demographic and behavioral data to measure the impact of the App.

The types of food producers that will be listed in the App include local and regional farmers and ranchers, smaller scale personal and public producers (rural and urban gardens and homesteads), and other producers and retailers of local foods. The foods can be fresh, packaged, or ready to eat (like in restaurants or cafes) and include foods made with locally or regionally sourced ingredients and/or products that qualify as cottage foods under applicable laws and regulations. All producers and retailers will be listed voluntarily. Food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens also will be listed for the benefit of individuals and families in need of immediate food assistance as well as locations to use SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks.

Sales and distribution of the food are not planned to take place directly via the App or through the managing organization. The App will serve as a central directory to connect producers, sellers, and distributors to customers as well as list local food related events and other food resources in the region.

Project Status

As of December 2017, the existing application is a very simple example of the App. It demonstrates only a few features that the final App will have. The initial code base was developed in the spring of 2017 for NeighborWorks® Southern Colorado and LocalFood Pueblo by senior Computer Information System students at the Hasan School of Business at Colorado State University Pueblo. Intense development of the App is planned throughout 2018 with a final "version 1" release date target of April 2019. In the first several weeks of 2018 detailed information will be posted on GitHub including contributor guidelines, Contributor License Agreement document(s), and App feature specifications. Please check back soon also for an updated README and project details in the Wiki.

Contribution Notes

If you are interested in helping develop the App or providing other assistance for this project (perhaps writing documentation), please review the project's Code of Conduct and Contributing files.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this ambitious project. It would not be possible without people like you! As open source software licensed under the Apache License 2.0 it will be available for anyone to use and customize as needed.

LocalFood Pueblo, the custodial organization overseeing the project, is a subsidary of the 501(c)3 nonprofit NeighborWorks Southern Colorado located in Pueblo, CO, USA. For more information you can visit the web sites for each organization at and
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