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Offline build planner for Path of Exile.
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LocalIdentity Release
Withered debuff now appears on the config page
Ignite DPS for node power now works
Fixed some of the wording for impale
Added Impale chance and damage multiplier to the side bar so it will now show the differences when choosing impale gems or impale nodes on the tree
Added a feature requests section to the file
Latest commit 6229502 Oct 8, 2019

Path of Building fork by LocalIdentity

This is a fork of Openarls Path Of Building that includes many extra features not in the base version of PoB

  • Adds updated Uniques from 3.8 changes
  • Pantheon support
  • Partial Impale support
  • More tree highlighting options for node power
  • Support for fossil mods in the crafting window. Including correct parsing for some mods that previously didn't work (e.g. 60% chance to deal 100% more poison/bleed damage)
  • Add parsing for some more nodes on the tree
  • Add oil combinations to notables on tree
  • Support for elusive and nightblade support gem
  • Incremental shock values (not a locked 50%)
  • Fixed close combat and multistrike to have their correct damage values
  • Logic for melee distance scaling attack multipliers (Close combat and Slayers Impact node)
  • Added Vermillion ring base
  • Withered now shows on the configuration screen

Feature Requests

Feature Requests


Head over to the Releases page to download the installer. Then head here to see the install instructions for this fork


You can find the full version history here.

Welcome to Path of Building, an offline build planner for Path of Exile!


  • Comprehensive offence + defence calculations:
    • Calculate your skill DPS, damage over time, life/mana/ES totals and much more!
    • Can factor in auras, buffs, charges, curses, monster resistances and more, to estimate your effective DPS
    • Also calculates life/mana reservations
    • Shows a summary of character stats in the side bar, as well as a detailed calculations breakdown tab which can show you how the stats were derived
    • Supports all skills and support gems, and most passives and item modifiers
      • Throughout the program, supported modifiers will show in blue and unsupported ones in red
    • Full support for minions
  • Passive skill tree planner:
    • Support for jewels including most radius/conversion jewels
    • Features alternate path tracing (mouse over a sequence of nodes while holding shift, then click to allocate them all)
    • Fully intergrated with the offence/defence calculations; see exactly how each node will affect your character!
    • Can import and passive tree links; links shortened with also work
  • Skill planner:
    • Add any number of main or supporting skills to your build
    • Supporting skills (auras, curses, buffs) can be toggled on and off
    • Automatically applies Socketed Gem modifiers from the item a skill is socketed into
    • Automatically applies support gems granted by items
  • Item planner:
    • Add items from in game by copying and pasting them straight into the program!
    • Automatically adds quality to non-corrupted items
    • Fully intergrated with the offence/defence calculations; see exactly how much of an upgrade a given item is!
    • Contains a searchable database of all uniques that are currently in game (and some that aren't yet!)
      • You can choose the modifier rolls when you add a unique to your build
      • Includes all league-specific items and legacy variants
    • Features an item crafting system:
      • You can select from any of the game's base item types
      • You can select prefix/suffix modifiers from lists
      • Custom modifiers can be added, with Master and Essence modifiers available
    • Also contains a database of rare item templates:
      • Allows you to create rare items for your build to approximate the gear you will be using
      • Choose which modifiers appear on each item, and the rolls for each modifier, to suit your needs
      • Has templates that should cover the majority of builds (inb4 'why is there no coral amulet?')
  • Other features:
    • You can import passive tree, items, and skills from existing characters
    • Share builds with other users by generating a share code
    • Automatic updating; most updates will only take a couple of seconds to apply
    • Somewhat more open source than usual (look in %ProgramData%\Path of Building if you're interested)


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