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The Locative Sample-App to demonstrate the use of Locative together with iBeacons
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Locative iBeacon Sample App

Twitter: @Kidmar License TravisCI Join the chat at

Since v1.4.0 Locative supports the use of iBeacons as Geofences.

The feature set is pretty the same as with geographical Geofences, this App can be used with any Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) iDevice to advertise as am iBeacon.

When using Locative, the iBeacons UUID must be entered when adding an iBeacon, the Sample App's UUID defaults to 954FBC91-620E-4B5A-86F7-1F31A0054194

To use the Sample project, simply check out this Repo open the GFBeacon.xcodeproj and hit run.

For more info about Locative check out or get it in the App Store at

There's also another neat little feature which will gain more attention in the near future. Locative features a Geofence-Logging as-a-service at So check it out and grab yourself an account ;-)


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