The node.js module to interact with the Locative oAuth v2 API
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The official Locative node.js NPM module

Have a look at the nodejs-sample if you want a quick demo.

Install using NPM like so:

npm install locative

or use

npm install -S locative

To keep Locative as a dependency inside your package.json

Then create an client instance this way:

var Locative = require('locative');
var client = new Locative.Client({
    client_id: 'YOUR CLIENT ID',
    client_secret: 'YOUR CLIENT SECRET',
    redirect_uri: 'YOUR REDIRECT URI',
    grant_type: 'code'

To retrieve an accessToken it's neccessary to, at first, retrieve and authorizationCode which can be done using the client's authorizeUrl() method which returns a oAuth v2 Authorization url agains the API.

After authentication using the authorization Url, you will be redirected to the redirect_uri (please note that this URI must be the same URI you've entered when creating the oAuth v2 App at

You may then exchange the authorizationCode by an accessToken using this method:

client.getToken(req.query.code, function (accessToken) {

Using the accessToken you may, e.g. retrieve your Fencelogs like so:

client.getFencelogs(req.query.token, function (fencelogs) {