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+# »This project is unmaintained«
+Singly has shifted development to [Hallway](, a multi-tenant, hosted version of the Locker. If you are interested in continuing the project, get in touch with the [developers list](
Locker - the "me" platform [![Build Status](](
This is an open source project that helps me collect all of my personal data, from wherever it is, into one place, and then lets me do really awesome stuff with it.
[Background Video](
-STATUS: eager-developer-friendly only at this point, we're working hard to make it usable for early adopters very soon, keep an eye on [@lockerproject]( and [@jeremie]( for progress, and come hang out with us on freenode IRC in [#lockerproject](
+STATUS: Inactive.
We also have a [mailing list]( setup. Join and say hello!

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