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Debian keyring for personal packages
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README for the lodlabs-keyring package


The Debian project signs its Release files that are stored on the
Debian ftp-server and its mirrors with the keys contained in the
debian-archive-keyring package.

This is a clone of debian-archive-keyring which allows me to sign my
own packages for distribution on my own private package server.

The project is provided at to
assist others following the same path. Some details of how I usurped
the original package are at

A quick overview about this package:

* Each actively used key is placed in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ to
  be used by "apt" and its apt-key command in versions 0.6 and later.
  The signatures of acquired Release files is checked against this
  key database. It hence contains all keys of still releases that
  are still supported and need to be active.
* /usr/share/keyrings/lodlabs-keyring.gpg:
  A keyring including all actively used keys to sign Release files in
  our supported releases is shipped in /usr/share/keyrings.
* /usr/share/keyrings/lodlabs-removed-keys.gpg:
  A keyring including all keys used by previous releases, which are
  no longer supported. These keys are no longer used to sign
  Release files.

More information about the archive authentication feature can be found
in the manpage apt-secure(8).
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