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Explicitly do `Array => IndexedSeq` in testing

Scala 2.13 deprecates implicit conversion from arrays to `IndexedSeq`.
This is just testing code, so we can safely just do an explicit copying
conversion without worrying about performance regression.
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sarahgerweck committed Jun 4, 2019
1 parent de47c72 commit c2c4d9bf9a7f73bfe3d4634ef22e10cab3f9aa1e
@@ -13,9 +13,9 @@ final class LoggedEvent private[log4s] (val inner: ILoggingEvent) extends AnyVal
* Log4s doesn't use arguments, so you probably don't want this unless
* you're also testing non-Log4s logging events. */
def argumentArray: Option[IndexedSeq[Any]] = Option(inner.getArgumentArray)
def argumentArray: Option[IndexedSeq[Any]] = Option(inner.getArgumentArray.toIndexedSeq)

def callerData: IndexedSeq[StackTraceElement] = inner.getCallerData
def callerData: IndexedSeq[StackTraceElement] = inner.getCallerData.toIndexedSeq
def formattedMessage: String = inner.getFormattedMessage
/* TODO: Convert these to Log4s levels? This would require some clever
* tricks to deal with the circular dependency it would create. */
@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@ final class LoggedThrowable private[log4s] (val inner: IThrowableProxy) extends
def className: String = inner.getClassName
def commonFrames: Int = inner.getCommonFrames
def message: Option[String] = Option(inner.getMessage)
def stackTrace: IndexedSeq[StackTraceElement] =
def stackTrace: IndexedSeq[StackTraceElement] =

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