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Include lb-players table in UTF8(mb4) checks

Mojang enforce a very restricted set of characters for names, however offline servers can be sent a much wider set of characters.
Also, fix not using UTF8mb4 on table creation if possible.

Fixes #630
latest commit 080450a278
@frymaster frymaster authored


This plugin logs block changes such as breaking, placing, modifying, or burning to a MySQL Database. It can be used as an anti-griefing tool to find out who made a particular edit, or even roll back changes by certain players. Originally written by bootswithdefer, for hMod, ported to Bukkit by me, because of the inability to identfy griefers. BigBrother also did't work, so I was forced to do it myself. The honor belongs to bootswithdefer for the sourcecode, I only spent about 8 hours to transcribe. All functions except sign text logging shold work as in hMod. The use of permissions plugin is possible, but not necessary.


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