Helpful Commands

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  • /lb sum p

    Replacement for the old /lb world.

  • /lb lookup block fire created radius 20*

    Listing all placing of fire in radius 20.

  • /lb rb player <name> since <timespec>

    Replacement for the old /lb rollback player <name> <timespec>.

  • /lb rb mob creeper area 10

    Rolls back a creeper explosion.

  • /lb tp block fire created

    Teleports you to the last started fire.

  • /lb block fire created sum p

    Lists all players who started a fire

  • /lb rb player TNT area 10

    Rolls back TNT damage.

  • /lb rb last

    Re-runs the last command that you used.

  • /lb undo last

    Undoes your last rollback.

  • /lb redo last

    Redoes your last rollback.