MySQL Configuration

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Here are some MySQL config options important to LB with explanations. Replace or add if not present:

#All in head is mostly irrelevant, the interesting things start here:

#Should be obviously

#Choose MYISAM or INNODB, INNODB is recommended for faster inserting
#The chat table will explicitly use MYISAM for faster text searching


#Increase this, if you are getting "Too many connection errors"

#Waste of memory, LogBlock updates all tables very frequently, so caching query results may cause a slowdown instead of a performance improvement

#Buffer, how much RAM MySQL should consume. First is MyISAM index buffer, second InnoDB index and row buffer. Increase with growing database size, the indicies should be kept in RAM, otherwise inserts and selects can take a while due to reading from hard drive.

#Must be disable to allow LB to connect to the database.

#Remote access
bind-address        # only localhost
bind-address # only from that ip (and localhost)
bind-address  # only from that domain
bind-address            # from every ip in the world

#This will reduce the DNS lookups, and so speed some things up. Note you can't use domains in bind-address then.