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Params are used in most commands to define the search parameters. For console use, every time world must be specified (direct or using last) and area and selection aren’t available. You can escape a word which would normally be caught as keyword using double quotes ("), e.g:
/lb world "world"


  • area <radius>

    To only search for near block changes. The area has a square shape. If no radius is specified, the default radius will be used (lookup.defaultDist). A radius of 0 stands for a single block and is used for tool queries.

  • sel | selection

    To search only inside the current WorldEdit selection. Works only for cuboid selections.

  • loc [x]:[y]:[z] | location [x]:[y]:[z] (v1.51+)

    Specify a single block.
    You can use colons or spaces to seperate, like loc 45 -12 64 or loc -123:265:70
    You can combine loc and area to get the area around a set of coordinates, as long as loc is specified first

  • world [worldname]

    Selects the world. Required for console commands. Allows to look up in a specific world.
    Default is the current world.


What to search for. Can not be combined. The default for lookups is both and the default for rollbacks is all

  • all

    Looks up all blocks (including actions) and chestaccess and mechanism interactions

  • created, destroyed, both

    To search only for block creations/breaks or both
    Without any type given, it will search for created and destroyed blocks.

  • entities [type1] {<type2>}

    To search for entity creations and kills
    Without any type given, it will search all entities.
    Searching for entities cannot be combined with searching for blocks.

  • kills

    Looks up only kills assuming it is enabled in the config

    • killer [name1] {<name2>}, victim [name1] {<name2>}

      To search only for kills where the given player was the killer/victim.
      Use !name to search for all players except the given.

    • weapon [material]

      Search for kills by weapon, seems to be broken

  • chestaccess

    To search only for chestaccesses

  • chat

    Search chat only. You can use the params player, since, before and search.

    • search | match

      Search the chat history for some words. Refers to

      /lb chat player diddiz search home
      /lb chat player diddiz search tree home
      Will search for all messages by player diddiz containing the words tree OR home.
      /lb chat player diddiz search +tree +home
      Same as previous, but both words have to appear.
      /lb chat player diddiz search tree -home
      Find all with tree but without home.


  • since [timespec] | time [timespec]

    To search only for block changes newer than the specified time. Accepted syntax’s are:
    LB time format: 4 minutes, 5 hours, 6 days
    BB time format: 4m5h6d, 5d40m, 7m
    DateTime: 12:00:00, 22.05.2011, 22.05.2011 12:00:00
    (for a date without a time 0 am is assumed, for a time without date the current date)

  • before [timespec]

    To search only for block changes older than specified time. Same format like since param. You can use since and before together to define a time span.


  • player [name1] {<name2>}

    To search for one or more players, also environment players like Fire or LavaFlow
    Use !name to search for all players except name

  • block [material1] {<material2>} | type [material1] {<material2>}

    To search only for certain block type
    Use !material1 to search for all blocks except material1


  • limit [count]

    How many rows to show. Default is 15.

  • sum [n<one>|b<locks>|p<layers>]

    To sum up the result. none is default. none means all single block changes are listed, block means to group by block types and players to group by players.

  • asc, desc

    Set the order of displayed log ascending/descending.

  • coords

    Displays also block coordinates. Only affects look up and writelogfile commands.
    This parameter is required to use the /lb tp command.


  • force

    Enforces replacing the block on rollback / redo even if it does not have the expected type. This allows to change blocks that were modified later by other players or not logged actions. However this will never rollback blocks that are blacklisted in the config.

  • silent

    No questions and displayed messages are reduces to a minimum.

  • last

    Stands for all parameters of the last command. It’s possible to extend it and to overwrite, e.g:
    /lb player diddiz Displays blockchanges from of diddiz
    /lb last area Displays blockchanges of player diddiz within default radius
    /lb rollback last Rolls back blockchanges of player diddiz within default radius.

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