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io game about fighting submarines (like the old 2d dogfight plane games)
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Reports/Server Oriented ReWrite Planning

This project is no longer maintained and is here for achival purposes

An io like 2d game where each player controls a submarine and battles it out under the water. Players must also collect ammo, oxygen, and health "bubbles"(Power-ups) to gain an edge.

This was my first full stack project. It taught me much about development, especially how simple looking ideas can turn complex fast. Looking back on it now, their is many things I could do better.

The biggest downfall of this game is it is currently 'server-authoratative'. This means the server recieves the inputs from the clients and does all the processing of where each game piece goes. This means the client can only update the screen when it recieves data from the server. This causes severe lag in the game as the client can only update after the server sends more data.

To begin using this app, clone this repo and run npm install to install the necessary npm packages. Afterwards, run node app.js to start the application. Simply visit localhost:3000 to see the apps webpage

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