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I have stopped working on Sledge due to personal reasons. I will be working on other projects, but Sledge is too large for me to manage on my own.

If you wish to continue development on the editor feel free to fork it - the only restriction is you don't call it Sledge. The BSD-3 license requires you to use a different name for your fork.

Sledge is an open-source alternative to Valve's Hammer Editor for the Goldsource engine. It is written in .NET and uses Veldrid for rendering, with DirectX 10.

Sledge supports Goldsource mapping but is rather incomplete and buggy. Please consider the following alternate projects:

  • TrenchBroom (as of writing, has partial support for HL, hopefully more support is coming)
  • Valve Hammer Editor
  • JACK (the free version, don't pay for it)
  • Older editors such as QuArK, BSP, Radiant, etc.

The Sledge Editor is licensed under BSD-3.


An open source alternative to Valve's Hammer Editor for the Goldsource engine. (No longer in development)





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