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Custom crafting recipes for Minecraft 1.13
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Logical Crafting

Custom crafting recipes for Minecraft 1.13 that I wish were in the default game:

Renewable Coral Blocks

1.13 adds the new coral blocks but they can't be crafted. We should be protecting our coral reefs not destroying them! You can grow coral using bone meal and with these recipes you can now craft coral blocks and keep your coral reefs untouched.

Use 9 coral to create a coral block:


Use 9 dead coral to create a dead coral block:

dead coral

Consistent Wool Dyeing

Many blocks that can be dyed use 8 plain blocks and one dye which results in 8 dyed blocks. Wool is an exception to this and so these recipes make wool dyeing more consistent. The original recipes remain just in case you need to dye that one wool block.

corrected wool

Other Quality of life recipes

This datapack has a number of QoL recipes to enhance the game over 100% vanilla but not in a way that breaks the game:

  • Uncraft Quartz Block -> 4 Quartz
  • Smelt Sandstone -> Smooth Sandstone (same as 1.14)

Item about to break warning

When a diamond pickaxe, shovel, axe, hoe or elytra has only 25 durability remaining a warning message is posted in the chat and a breaking sound is played.

For testing, you can give yourself these items just before the warning with:

/give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe{Damage:1535} 1
/give @p minecraft:diamond_shovel{Damage:1535} 1
/give @p minecraft:diamond_axe{Damage:1535} 1
/give @p minecraft:diamond_hoe{Damage:1535} 1
/give @p minecraft:elytra{Damage:406} 1

Perimeter Clearing

This datapack contains a function that is useful in creative for creating a perimeter when designing mob farms. To use, find a 21x21 chunk area to wish to clear. Go to the centre chunk and stand in the most northwesterly block. Then run the following command:

/function logical:perimeter/clear

A progress bar appears so you can see how far until completion. A 21x21 chunk area from level 5 to 255 will be replaced with air. A layer of glass is added just above the bedrock at level 6. All items and entities are removed. A diamond block is placed under your feet as a marker for the centre chunk.

If you don't stand in the north-west corner of a chunk, that's ok but the cleared area will not be chunk aligned.

Spawn Sphere

Hostile mobs spawn within a sphere with a radius of 128 block around the player. It's important to know about this when building a mob farm as you can improve the rates drastically by only allowing mobs to spawn inside your farm. Depending on the farm, you can either remove block, light them up or cover them with a non-spawnable block. The problem is knowing where this sphere really is.

This datapack contains a function that will summon a number of armour stands which mark this sphere. Just stand on your AFK spot and run:

/function logical:spawn_sphere/show

You can then move around and condition the area within this sphere. Once you are done, you can remove the sphere again with:

/function logical:spawn_sphere/hide

How to install

  1. Download the datapack zip file
  2. On the world selection screen, select your world and click "Edit".
  3. Click "Open World Folder".
  4. Place the datapack zip file in the datapacks folder.
  5. Start your world. If it doesn't work, using the command /reload.


To build the data pack, run the following that will update the .zip file in the dist folder. This file can then be dropped into a worlds datapacks folder:

$ ./
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