An OpenShift Cartridge containing the Apache Tika JAXRS Server
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OpenShift Apache Tika Server Cartridge

A cartridge for OpenShift that provides access to the Apache Tika JAXRS Server. This was prepared for a talk at JBUG Scotland, April 2014.


To install this cartridge use the cartridge reflector when creating an application

rhc create-app myapp

It has been developed to support scaling with a scaleable application, so if you would like use it in this way you can use the -s flag

rhc create-app myapp -s

Tika Version

This cartridge supports Apache Tika Version 1.10.

Tika Server Usage

If you would like to try out the Apache Tika JAXRS server you can find a deployed instance using this cartridge at:

To extract the contents of a file, you can use the following:

curl -T <file>

To extract the metadata of a file, you can use the following:

curl -T <file>

You can read more about the TIKA JAXRS server and it's commands here.


This cartridge is provided provided "as is", with absolutely no warranty expressed or implied. Any use is at your own risk.