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Kotlin wrappers for JetBrains' ring-ui react library
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Please note that this project is not under active development. Writing a react application with Kotlin and ring-ui turned out to be rather unproductive. Too many roadblocks and things to implement in infrastructure before the actual application can be implemented. Also, the file size of the production app is too large to be useful.

Kotlin wrappers for ring-ui

This library is easy to use with . It's split into one npm module per ring-ui component because kotlin-js isn't supporting more than one module per project.


Example application

Create your project

npm install create-react-kotlin-app
npx create-react-kotlin-app my-app
cd my-app
npm install --save "@logrally/kotlin-react-ring-ui"
npm run gen-idea-libs

Patch your build configuration

See for details how you need to configure your build configuration.

Apply the changes to these files:

  • node_modules/react-scripts-kotlin/config/
  • node_modules/react-scripts-kotlin/config/

Add npm dependencies

There's one npm module per ring-ui component. See for the available modules. An unfinished application with a working base setup is available at

For example:

npm install --save @logrally/kotlin-ring-ui-shared @logrally/kotlin-ring-ui-alert

Run your application in development mode

npm run build

Update your source code

Update the file src/app/App.kt with this and wait until the page in the browser was reloaded.

package app

import react.*
import react.dom.div
import react.dom.h1
import ringui.authdialog.authDialog
import ringui.button.button
import ringui.footer.FooterLineData
import ringui.footer.copyright
import ringui.footer.footer
import ringui.header.header
import ringui.header.tray
import ringui.loader.loader

interface AppState : RState {
    var showLogin: Boolean
    var loggedIn: Boolean

class App : RComponent<RProps, AppState>() {
    override fun RBuilder.render() {
        header {
            link(title = "Homepage", href = "/")

            tray {
                if (state.loggedIn == true) {
                    button("Logout") {
                        attrs.onClick = {
                            setState { loggedIn = false }
                else {
                    button("Login") {
                        attrs.onClick = {
                            setState { showLogin = true }

        div {
            authDialog(serviceName = "ACME Inc.", show = state.showLogin) {
                attrs.onConfirm = {
                    setState { showLogin = false; loggedIn = true }

            if (state.loggedIn) {
                h1 { +"Welcome to your application!" }
                loader("Loading application. Please wait ...")

        footer {
            attrs.right = arrayOf(FooterLineData(copyright(2018), "/"), "by firstname lastname")

fun = child(App::class) {}


npm install
gradle clean build


Licensed under the MIT license.

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