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asdf plugins repository

This is the asdf plugins repository, it's purpose is to serve a list of community maintained stable plugins.

Maintaining this list is just a convenience for helping new asdf users so that listed plugins can be installed by just asdf plugin-add NAME without having to lookup for the actual plugin repo.

Thus, this list should be updated when a plugin is broken or when someone has forked a better version. Just remember that you can actually use any repo with asdf, and this list is just for having a central place for people (and asdf itself) to look for plugins.

Contributing a new Plugin

  • Be sure to read the creating plugins guide
  • Test the plugin locally and make sure you can execute the new tool successfully (your shell scripts should work at least on osx and ubuntu linux)
  • Create a travis build for your tool, the build should install and execute your tool with --version or similar to test it works.
  • Update the README.md file on this repo to add your new plugin. The list is alphabetically ordered.
  • Create a file in plugins/ with the same name as your plugin. The contents of the file should be repository = <your repo>.
  • Create a pull request showing your plugin's travis build is green. The CI for this repo checks all listed plugin badges are green.

Plugin List

Language Repository CI Status
adr-tools td7x/asdf/adr-tools pipeline status
Bazel mrinalwadhwa/asdf-bazel Build Status
Clojure vic/asdf-clojure Build Status
Conduit gmcabrita/asdf-conduit Build Status
Consul Banno/asdf-hashicorp Build Status
Coq gingerhot/asdf-coq Build Status
Crystal marciogm/asdf-crystal Build Status
D (DMD) sylph01/asdf-dmd Build Status
Elasticsearch mikestephens/asdf-elasticsearch Build Status
Elixir asdf-vm/asdf-elixir Build Status
Elm vic/asdf-elm Build Status
Erlang asdf-vm/asdf-erlang Build Status
Go kennyp/asdf-golang Build Status
Gradle rfrancis/asdf-gradle Build Status
Haskell vic/asdf-haskell Build Status
Helm Antiarchitect/asdf-helm Build Status
Idris vic/asdf-idris Build Status
ImageMagick mangalakader/asdf-imagemagick Build Status
Jsonnet Banno/asdf-jsonnet Build Status
Java skotchpine/asdf-java Build Status
Julia rkyleg/asdf-julia Build Status
Kops Antiarchitect/asdf-kops Build Status
Kotlin missingcharacter/asdf-kotlin Build Status
Ksonnet Banno/asdf-ksonnet Build Status
Kubecfg Banno/asdf-ksonnet Build Status
Kubectl Banno/asdf-kubectl Build Status
LFE vic/asdf-lfe Build Status
Link (system tools) vic/asdf-link Build Status
Logtalk LogtalkDotOrg/asdf-logtalk Build Status
Lua Stratus3D/asdf-lua Build Status
LuaJIT smashedtoatoms/asdf-luaJIT Build Status
Maven skotchpine/asdf-maven Build Status
Minikube alvarobp/asdf-minikube Build Status
MongoDB sylph01/asdf-mongodb Build Status
Nim rfrancis/asdf-nim Build Status
Node.js asdf-vm/asdf-nodejs Build Status
Nomad Banno/asdf-hashicorp Build Status
OCaml vic/asdf-ocaml Build Status
OpenResty smashedtoatoms/asdf-openresty Build Status
Packer Banno/asdf-hashicorp Build Status
PHP odarriba/asdf-php Build Status
Postgres smashedtoatoms/asdf-postgres Build Status
Python tuvistavie/asdf-python Build Status
R iroddis/asdf-R Build Status
Racket vic/asdf-racket Build Status
Rebar Stratus3D/asdf-rebar Build Status
Redis smashedtoatoms/asdf-redis Build Status
Riak smashedtoatoms/asdf-riak Build Status
Ruby asdf-vm/asdf-ruby Build Status
Rust code-lever/asdf-rust Build Status
SBT lerencao/asdf-sbt Build Status
Scala mtatheonly/asdf-scala Build Status
Serf Banno/asdf-hashicorp Build Status
Swift fcrespo82/asdf-swift Build Status
Terraform Banno/asdf-hashicorp Build Status
Terragrunt td7x/asdf/terragrunt/ pipeline status
TFLint RykHawthorn/asdf-tflint Build Status
Vault Banno/asdf-hashicorp Build Status
.Net Core emersonsoares/asdf-dotnet-core Build Status