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Improve notes on the `debugger` tool

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pmoura committed Oct 10, 2017
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@@ -47,6 +47,10 @@ Note that this tool cannot be loaded at the same time as other tools (e.g.
the ports profiler) that also provide a debug handler, which must be unique
in a running session.
When the code to be debugged runs computationally expensive initializations,
loading this tool after the code may have a noticeable impact in loading
@@ -60,6 +64,11 @@ In alternative, you may also turn on the `debug` flag globally by typing:
| ?- set_logtalk_flag(debug, on).
But note that loader files may override this flag setting (e.g. by using
`debug(off)` or `optimize(on)` options for loaded files). If that's the
case, you will need to either edit the loader files or write customized
loader files enabling debugging.
Logtalk also provides basic support for the SWI-Prolog graphical tracer.
The required settings are described in the `settings-sample.lgt` file.

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