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NOTE: All the additional information that was previously available in this wiki have been moved to the Logtalk website.

Welcome to the Logtalk 3.x development wiki! Here you can browse and clone the Logtalk source code, report bugs, submit your contributions, and suggest enhancements.

Logtalk is an open source object-oriented logic programming language. The logtalk3 git repository is the main Logtalk 3.x development repository. Visit the official Logtalk website for more information.

Starting points

Follow the instructions on the Running Developer Versions page for downloading, installing, and running Logtalk developer versions. To follow up on the Logtalk development, subscribe to the commits RSS feed. Installers for the latest stable version can be downloaded from the official site.

For reporting bugs, submitting contributions, and making enhancements requests you may use the Issues link on the right. But please check first for duplicates.

Logtalk is distributed with several sets of unit tests, which you may want to run using your chosen back-end Prolog compiler. Note that lack of compliance with both official and de facto Prolog standards may result in failed unit tests. These issues usually can only be fixed by the Prolog implementers.

Code contributions are most welcome and should follow whenever possible the Logtalk Coding Guidelines.

For developing Logtalk applications, several Developer Tools are available, most of them included in the Logtalk distribution.

Other useful resources